If you’re here, you want to know more about FX! What is an FX? Why should I do one? And how on earth can I make this mythical event appear in my church or community? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

1. What is an FX?
A Family Experience (FX) is an engaging live event where parents and kids experience music, laughter and fun teaching about the character of God. FX always aligns with and reinforces the 252 Kids Groups curriculum.

2. Why should I do an FX?
First — We think FX is THE best way to connect parents to what their kids are learning on a Sunday morning! Emails can be ignored and handouts often hit the trash, but a shared experience equips parents to engage in spiritual conversations with their kids all month long. Starting an FX is a fantastic way to launch your parent strategy, whether you’re a brand-new or veteran 252 Kids partner.

Second — FX is an incredible tool for engaging families in your community. Parents who would never come on a Sunday morning are still hungry for shared experience as a family. FX is a warm, welcoming environment that doesn’t require a parent to have any previous Bible knowledge or faith experience.

 3. How can I start an FX at my church or in my community?
Congratulations! If you’re a 252 Kids subscriber, your weekly or monthly scripts, graphics and sound effects are already provided! FX can be adapted for any space or budget size, whether it’s $20 and the corner of a room or a full-size auditorium or high school gym!

For great tips and tricks for creating an FX… just watch the videos below!

We hope that you find these videos helpful!

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